The Duzee Universal Cup Holder
Our Adjustable Cup Holder can fit drinks of many sizes
Duzee universal Drink Holders can be used anywhere!
The Universal Drink Holder!

​Q Will this universal cup holder hold different sizes.
A Yes, This patented adjustable cup holder can be adjusted and then readjusted for different size containers such as bottles cups or any other items. It has a supported wire frame which can be reshaped hundreds of times. Our patented insert assures it can be reshaped with minimal deformation.

Q.What kinds of coverings can I order for my drink holder?
A. Our premier covering is made of leather and finely stitched to the very best industry standards.
We offer a less expensive covering made of EVA foam. It is a soft very durable foam. It also has insulating properties much like the coozies and it comes in a variety of color combinations. We also provide a designer series made from African prints such as zebra, leopard and a variety of camo. We will be adding new prints as they become available.

Q What if I this isn't what I expected.
A We believe it is our responsibility to provide a good product at a fair price. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, We will refund upon receipt of your returned item the complete retail price plus shipping the original purchased item.

Q Just what all can I use this for, besides cups and bottles.
A We are getting feed back from customers, who use their Duzee TM holder for things such as tools, ipods, cell phones, sunglasses, spray bottles, chips, bar-b-que implements and other things. Your imagination is the only limit.

FAQs about our Drink Holder

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