The Duzee Universal Cup Holder
The Duzee Universal Cup Holder
Our Adjustable Cup Holder can fit drinks of many sizes
Duzee universal Drink Holders can be used anywhere!
The Universal Drink Holder!

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Duzee Inc. was founded in 2008 for the single purpose of developing a versatile drink holder. It was so frustrating while at home, or in the car, or yard, to find a place to hold a drink. Most of the beverage holders available were for one purpose and one purpose only. Remember the plastic one you could put in the window of a car. Well, that was the only place it would work. So, while on my commute to work as a Design Engineer, I began the long process of developing an adjustable cup holder superior to all the rest. 

Four years later I was issued a patent for a beverage holder which could be reshaped to hold different sizes and shapes. Cups, bottles, cans, mugs, glasses, Not only could it hold beverage containers, it could be refashioned to hold other items as well, such as tools, spray bottles, sunglasses, phones, pagers, etc.... Now you can choose for yourself !

Besides holding many different items, the duzee holder can attach to almost anything, such as handles, knobs, belts, purses, sun visors, pockets, poles, patio furniture, etc... You can choose !

Best of all, If you need it to hold something different, you can reshape it.

Now, instead of a one color plastic thing. You can choose the colors of the beverage holder, or have made from leather with nice stitching around the edges. It even comes in colorful soft durable insulating foam or in prints such as leopard or zebra, camo. 

This universal cup holder is great for sporting events, whether standing on a golf course or sitting in the stands. If you sports stadium doesn't have enough cup holders, now you can take your own and attach it anywhere you wish. How good is that?

About our Adjustable Cup Holder

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